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Providing Integrated Security System for High Threat Facilities

Success Depends on Individual Performance as well as Teamwork.

Providing Integrated Security System for High Threat Facilities

Getwins Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in consultancy, design and technology of integrated electronic security systems.
The Company has wide experience in the evaluation and utilization of various types of explosives / narcotics detectors, metal / mine detectors, non-linear junction detectors, RCIED jammers, question document examination equipment, electronic/biometric access control, and intrusion & perimeter control systems.

We at Getwins Security Services Pvt. Ltd. provide Integrated Security System for High- Threat facilities. Our Technical Consultant, Mr. A.J. Mountvala has over 25 years experience in the evaluation and utilization of counter-terrorism detection and identifications systems, particularly with explosive detectors, chemical/biological sensors, metal / mine detectors, intrusion and perimeter control systems and related equipment.

Specific areas where we offer technical consultancy include the following: -

  • Criteria for selection of security equipment. For critical infrastructure in high-threat facilities, which includes building protection, security checkpoints, loading dock, mail room, conference / executive rooms and mobile checkpoints.

  • Integration of X-ray and metal detectors with explosives trace detection (ETD).

  • Establishing test protocol for explosives vapour / trace detectors. This is crucial as most manufacturer / vendor claims for explosives detection systems unsustainable in field trials. We can assist in evaluation when equipment is demonstrated and tested, as we are familiar with detailed test protocols followed by international security organizations.

The protection of high-threat facilities is crucial to the economic security of an industrial organization, and believe that our Companies participation in providing an integrated security system will successfully achieve this goal.

About our Technical Consultant - Mr. A.J. Mountvala

Mr. A.J. Mountvala is Technical Consultant of the company with wide experience of over 25 years in the technology of counter-terrorism detection and identification systems. He received a B.Sc. Honors and M.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Bombay and M.S. from the University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A. Prior to returning to India Mr. Mountvala as Senior Scientist at the I.T.I Research Institute at Chicago, directed research and development projects in electronic materials and advance electro-ceramic sensor systems.

Mr. Mountvala is the author of more than 25 technical publications, holds several U.S. patents, and is the co-author of a book on the use of ceramics in microelectronics published by N.A.S.A (U.S.A). He has lectured at various MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs – New Delhi) sponsored seminars on technology for detection of concealed explosives and CNB (Chemical and Biological) terrorism as invited speaker at the National Seminar on improvised explosive Devices (1998) held at the college of Military Engineering, Pune. He has also been a contributor to ‘THE BOMB SHELL’ Journal National Bomb Data Center, National Security Guard.