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Providing Integrated Security System for High Threat Facilities

Success Depends on Individual Performance as well as Teamwork.

Security Audit

"No security program can be effective unless it is based on a clear understanding of the actual risks it is designed to control and the value of the program depends on its aptness and the relevance of resources".

In other words, cost rationalization means not spending more, unless the benefits derived are significant.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Assessment of currently implemented Security Strategy, Policy and Procedures and suggestions for new implementation
  • System designs including physical, electronic, and manned security measures
  • Provision of security management staff and security advisors
  • Recruitment and training of in-house security teams

All aspects of the Security Strategy, which a company may put in place, should be as a corollary of detailed analysis of the problem. From a starting point of risk study, there needs to be a clear and accurate understanding of the likelihood of the threats (probability) affecting the assets (risk profile) and the loss which may flow from a risk event (criticality). The Security Survey will then assess how the existing security provisions that are in place help or hinder the management of risk.

Also, it is our experience that even those companies with a strong corporate philosophy often fall woefully short of applying their strong corporate disciplines to issues not 'core' to their business. This may be ignorance of the range of threats, be it industrial espionage, theft, vandalism, extortion or strategic attacks, to name but a few, but more likely, time, resources and expertise are unavailable to devote to such issues.

At GETWINS, all the necessary consultancy, technical services and training are available under one roof, to achieve a common and ordered approach to a company's or organizationís needs. We can develop security strategy and write policy and procedure documents to reduce an organizations risk and exposure to risk before it happens.
We carry out total security audit of companies, factories, offices, and industrial premises and suggest ways and means of improvement.